Deep Metal Dog Tag Engraving

High-quality, beautiful and reliable accessories for your pets. Metal IDs, medallions, and dog and cat tags will help you avoid losing a friend. Reliable and eternal deep engraving is applied to the two sides of the ID tag - the name of the dog and the phone number of the owner. It will ensure the reliability and readability of the data placed on the label.
Deep engraving looks expensive, respectable and solid, and I spend much more time and effort creating it - compared to conventional laser marking.
Each dog tag is equipped with strong stainless steel rings. The rings have a double, twisted and thick steel thread - this is a very reliable attachment to the dog's collar.
Dog tag ID

A reliable destination ID for a dog or cat can be made in various sizes and different materials, such as:
  • • Stainless steel. ID Tag does not rust, does not oxidize, is hypoallergenic, it is a very durable and practical material for as long as possible. The steel has a characteristic traditional silver color. The surface of the dog tag is matte (not polished to a mirror). High level of detail engravings. This steel is used to make medical instruments and jewelry. Steel grade 316L.
  • • Brass (solid brass). The metal is golden in color. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. It will be a strong tag, the thickness of the material is 2 mm. Brass ages beautifully and can turn antique over time. But if you do not want it-wipe the dog's ID with a drop of lemon juice and it will shine again.
  • • Melchior (Cupronickel). Silver color, it is an alloy of copper and nickel metals. Metal has the ability to age very long and beautifully (if desired, it is easy to restore the shine to a new one). Durable product with a thickness of 2 mm.
  • • Copper. Pure Cu metal-99.9%. The color can be from light pink to brown (this depends on the degree of oxidation of the metal). it ages beautifully and can turn antique over time. But if you do not want it-wipe the dog's ID with a drop of lemon juice and it will shine again. The thickness is 2 mm.
Dog Tag ID deep engraving

How to order a dog and cat tag

This page on the site I made for those who do not live in Russia and could not find a suitable ID for their dog or cat in their country. My workshop is located in Russia, in the city of Moscow.
Look at my work. Choose the dog tag model you like and contact me in any way that is convenient for you. My name is Vladislav Tolstov. I am an official and registered entrepreneur in my country.

I will advise you on the size and give you expert advice on the material. I will prepare the engraving files and send you a sketch (visual image) for approval and approval. I will tell you the cost of the finished product and the postal rate for delivery to your home.
The estimated cost of the finished product is from ~$ 12-25. The postal rate is ~$ 5.
The production and delivery time to the carrier is 2-5 working days. Shipments are made by the international, national postal service "Russian Post", with a track number for tracking.
Payments are usually made through international payment services or

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